• Total Power Acquired by Trivest Partners LP

    • October 30, 2019
    • News

    We are pleased to announce that the Total Power Group of Companies, including Total Power Limited, LM Generator Power Co. Ltd. and TPL Installations Inc. has been acquired by Trivest Partners LP, of Coral Gables (Miami) Florida, as of October 28th, 2019.

    With Trivest’s support, Total Power and its valued employees will continue to be the leaders in Power Gen solutions for our large and diverse client group across Canada.

    “We look forward to the stability and growth-oriented resources provided by Trivest Partners while taking this next step in the evolution of our company” says Graham Clark, President of Total Power. “Our staff and our customers have been the lifeblood of this company and we are very excited for the increased opportunities this transaction represents for both.”

    Trivest Partners is a private investment firm that focuses on partnering with founder/family-owned businesses in the United States and Canada.  Since its founding in 1981, Trivest has completed more than 250 transactions, totaling in excess of $6.0 billion USD in value.

    Total Power is a Canadian Distributor of Power Generation Solutions that has been in business since 1959. Operating from locations throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, Total Power provides a full complement of sales, rentals and service support for standby, mobile and prime power generator systems ranging from 10kW to 2,000kW and beyond.

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  • Growing our Calgary Business

    Our Calgary team have just doubled their footprint by moving just a few doors!
    Our warehouse space has more than doubled to over 7,800 square feet and now includes a large outdoor fenced in yard for our rental sets and trailers.
    We moved in to our old location back in 2008, and through all the ups and downs of the Alberta economy our dedicated team of professionals have stuck with our plan and have proved to our customers that we are here to stay!

    Visit our Contact Us page for the new Calgary address and details on all our locations across Canada.


  • Total Power Celebrates 60 years as Canada’s Trusted Experts in the Supply & Service of Power Generation Systems

    • February 26, 2019
    • News

    For more than 60 years Total Power’s unparalleled reputation for delivering valuable generator solutions and superior customer service has helped it grow to become one of Canada’s largest and most well-established Critical Power Specialists.

    Originally Burlec Sales, the company started in 1959 as a small service-focused team based in Toronto. Eventually adding product sales as an Onan Dealer, the company started to grow. Ownership and location changes took place in the first few decades with the company settling in to Mississauga as its home base. The Total Power name emerged in the 1980s reflecting more clearly what we do. At one time both an industrial/marine engine distributor and PowerGen house, the company’s products and services could be found in a diverse range of applications from skyscraper rooftops to luxury Catamarans.

    Having been partnered with Generac Power Systems since 1992, Total Power is one of Generac’s longest serving and largest Industrial Distributors and is proud to have developed alongside this now global brand. Focusing solely on the PowerGen Industry since 2007, Total Power has grown into a family of hundreds of employees working from seven branch locations in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. When selling about 500 generator projects and performing over 20,000 service calls each year, there’s a lot to do.

    “None of the growth and success we have enjoyed to date would have been possible without our incredible team of employees across the country” said Graham Clark, President of Total Power. “Their dedication and commitment to our clients, and to our team, is what helped us grow to become Canada’s 1st Choice for PowerGen.  As we turn 60, we celebrate with our employees and we thank all our customers, clients and friends for their support over these first 60 years.”

  • Total Power Wins Generac’s Eagle Award for Top Distributor in North America in 2018

    Total Power had a great 2018, culminating at the recent Generac Annual Conference, where we were honoured to receive the Generac Eagle Award, given to the Top Distributor in North America.

    In addition to the Eagle Award, we were nominated for several other awards and won the trophy for most Natural Gas unit sales in North America.
    We are proud of these accomplishments and celebrate them with our employees whose hard work resulted in the recognition.

    Our past success does not guarantee future results, but it is an indicator that we strive for excellence in all that we do.  We hope to be able to serve you in 2019 and beyond.


  • Our Alberta Team Has Received a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Department of Alberta

    • August 14, 2018
    • News

    We are pleased to announce that our team in Alberta have been designated with a Certificate of Recognition (COR), which is awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards as set by the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) department of Alberta.

    A COR shows that the employer’s health and safety management system has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards.

    To get a COR, a business must first have a health and safety management system in place, and then have it successfully audited through a Certifying Partner.

    Congratulations to our team in Alberta.

  • Total Power completes 1st North American installation of Generac Power Systems’ largest gaseous fueled generator

    The first supply of Generac’s largest and most powerful gaseous generator yet, the Generac SG625, was recently completed in Ontario by the Total Power team.

    Total Power and Generac recently introduced Generac’s model SG625, a 625kW generator set, which is the first of Generac’s expansion into larger gaseous nodes. The 33.9L gaseous engine design leverages Generac’s engine knowledge and Motortech’s robust fuel and spark system expertise to give us a spark-ignited engine that is designed to provide the same level of power and longevity as its diesel counterparts. Unlike many large Industrial gas generators, this unit complies with CAN/CSA-C282 and can be used in Life-safety applications.

    The large output on NG fuel makes the unit ideal for demand-response applications in addition to the more traditional emergency standby applications. The 625kW unit is also available in a modular power systems (MPS) configuration which provides for paralleled solutions into multi-megawatt range.

    This unit is the 1st ever production model built with the newly released Power Zone generator controller. This “Smartphone Inspired” generator controller is a significant breakthrough for Generac and is the first industrial generator controller with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN and Webserver connectivity, putting monitoring and control within easy reach of any mobile device or PC.

    This particular unit, pictured below, is a single-set configuration unit, and will provide standby power to one of our clients in Ontario.

    For more information please visit us at  or at 1-888-870-9152


  • Total Power and Generac introduce the new natural gas SG & MG625

    • November 10, 2017
    • News

    Generac’s new Natural Gas 625 kW – MG625 has been launched and is now available from Total Power, Canada’s largest industrial Generac distributor.

    Total Power and Generac announce the introduction of a new natural gas SG & MG625,  designed for standby and demand response applications.  The system integration gasifies a 33.9L engine block and will be the first product offering to introduce Generac’s new control panel platform, POWER ZONE®.

    The Generac POWER ZONE® digital control platform is a fully integrated and multipurpose family of controllers for Generac’s single and modular power systems (MPS).

    For more information please contact us at 1-888-870-9152 or at


  • Total Power Limited is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of L.M. Generating Power Co. Ltd. of Mississauga.

    • November 10, 2017
    • News

    L.M. Generating Power Co. Ltd., run by its three owners and their dedicated team of employees, have become the trusted leaders in providing solutions for temporary power requirements across Ontario.

    “For Over 35 years L.M. Generating Power Co. Ltd. has been the premier generator supplier for both emergency and scheduled rental power needs across Ontario” says Graham Clark, President of Total Power. “L.M. Generating Power shares our focus on trusted customer service and their business expertise is a perfect complement to our Total Power business, supporting our position as Canada’s 1st Choice for PowerGen.  We look forward to working with L.M. Generating Power and welcoming their team to the broader Total Power family of companies.”

    L.M. Generating Power Co. Ltd offers a large fleet of quality rental generators and electrical distribution equipment including automatic transfer switches, load banks, transformers and portable power distribution equipment, all supported with dedicated 24hr service.

    Total Power is a privately owned Canadian Distributor of Power Generation Solutions that has been in business since 1959. Operating from locations throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, Total Power provides a full complement of sales, applications and service support for standby, mobile and prime power generator systems ranging from 10kW to 2,000kW and beyond.

  • Edmonton Training Seminar Prize Draw

    As part of our ongoing commitment to training we recently hosted training seminars in Edmonton.

    For those who attended we had a special draw for Edmonton Oiler tickets! Two tickets, Lower bowl – Section 102, for the Edmonton Oilers November 28th game.

    The winning ticket number was 8344592 ! Please contact or to claim your prize!


  • Two Recent Examples of Total Power Keeping Our Customers Powered Up

    In Toronto our rental crew recently responded to this emergency rental need following a blown hydro vault at a commercial building.  Working all night the crew supplied over 6000’ of cable, 200 cable mats, multiple breakers and 2 diesel generators to get this customers building up and running.

    Our team in Sudbury was recently called in to responded to an emergency outage to keep the Iroquois Falls Hospital up and running!

    Hopefully you will never need emergency service but rest assured Total Power’s emergency service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

    Learn more about our Emergency Services >> 

    Total Power – Keeping you Powered Up!