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  • Data Center

    The data center is an IT – technical support center with around 1000 employees. Generators support server loads and general building operations. The generators’ connection cables run through an underground tunnel to the main electrical room using removable plates for easy access. Each generator enclosure houses a nested muffler for reduced noise emissions.

  • Research Facility

    This location is a repair & research facility for handheld PDA’s. Units support multiple servers and general building operations. Total Power also supports several similar facilities for this customer across Canada and the United States.

  • Monterey Gas Field

    As of February 2011, Monterey shale acreage encompasses approximately 183000 acres making it the largest natural gas shale field in Canada. Its related pipeline project is estimated to be approximately 155 km long using 36-inch diameter pipe to transport gas from Horn River to tie in to the TransCanada’s existing Alberta system. These Waukesha powered units, built by Total Power, run continuously run to provide power for the gas plant.

  • Loblaws Distribution Center

    Supports both frozen and fresh food products for distribution to Ontario Stores. The system offers redundancy and scalability. Should one module fail, others will continue to operate. Additional units can be “plugged in” to increase the overall output to accommodate load growth.

  • Jamieson Place

    Jamieson Place is a 38-storey office building named after Calgary’s Alice Jamieson. Jamieson was the first female judiciary in the entire British Empire. Units support life safety systems and operate on both diesel and NG simultaneously. Bi-fuel helps with the fuel storage issue arising from having the units placed near the 24th floor.

  • Bow Tower

    The Bow Tower is a 58 storey building scheduled to be completed in September 2012. The building will now be the tallest building in Calgary and one of the tallest in Canada outside of the CN Tower. It contains a total of 5400 kW worth of backup power. Even though the building is yet to be completed the Generators were placed early in the construction process and back-up both life safety and tenant systems. 22 ATS help control load shedding and permissive functions.