April 18, 2023

Generac Industrial Power unveiled its all new zero-emissions SBE series of stationary battery energy storage systems (BESS). The SBE series pairs with Generac’s line of gas and diesel generators for full-facility resilience during long-duration blackouts and pairs with on-site solar to help reduce both carbon footprint and energy costs.

Available in energy capacities ranging from 200 kWh to 1,000 kWh, the new stationary battery energy storage systems enable commercial and industrial customers to save on energy costs by reducing peak charges and taking advantage of utility Time-of-Use rates. The products can also provide site resilience during brownouts or power quality issues, and back up critical loads during shorter duration blackouts.

Generac’s SBE series is the latest addition to a portfolio of products and technologies aimed at helping commercial and industrial customers meet their current and future energy goals.

The SBE series will be available later this year and offered as standalone energy storage products, as well as paired with Generac’s existing lineup of generators and power-enabling products and technologies.

As Canada’s largest industrial Generac distributor, you can count on Total Power to help you learn more about the benefits of the SBE series, and Generac’s complete line of commercial and industrial power equipment.

image of Generac SBE Series
Generac SBE Series