Energy management today means balancing a combination of energy savings, energy resilience and carbon reduction. Generac’s SBE battery energy storage system is the latest addition to a portfolio of products and technologies helping commercial and industrial customers meet their current and future energy goals.

Battery energy storage systems play a crucial role in storing excess energy generated by solar panels or other renewable sources. This stored energy can be utilized during peak demand periods or in the event of power outages, ensuring reliable backup power when needed most and decreasing reliance on traditional grid-based energy sources.

Generac’s Stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems complements Generac’s range of gas and diesel generators with the added benefit of cost savings by enabling energy storage and usage during off-peak hours when energy prices are lower. This not only helps in reducing energy bills but also contributes to a decrease in overall energy consumption.

BESS – Supports a wide variety of End Markets including Commercial  / Industrial / Grid Support / Transport Electrification / Telecom / Off Grid Locations

Maximize Value Of On-Site Solar

Store excess solar energy generated on-site for use later

Peak Demand Charge Savings

Use stored energy to offset facility and/or grid peak loads

Energy Arbitrage With ToU Rates

Benefit from Time of Use rates to intelligently store & use energy

Asset Monetization

When paired with Generac’s Grid Services, enable more cost savings

Demand Response

Shift electricity during peak hours

Resilience - Power Backup

Provide bridge power for facility critical loads during short duration outages

Grid Independence

Support grid independence via microgrid integration

Resilience - Power Quality

Limit operational disturbance from poor power quality

Enabling Carbon Reduction

Enabling carbon reduction via solar panels*

*solar panels sold separately


In the evolving landscape of energy management, we’re tasked with harmonizing objectives related to carbon minimization, energy conservation, and fortifying energy resilience. Generac’s SBE battery energy storage system represents our newest advancement in a suite of tools crafted to assist our commercial and industrial clientele in achieving their contemporary and prospective energy objectives.

SBE500 Attributes

Power Rating: 125 kW / 250 kW / 500 kW

Energy Rating: 500 kWh

Enclosed Footprint: 10′ Custom



Modern energy management necessitates an equilibrium between carbon footprint reduction, energy efficiency, and ensuring energy robustness. Generac’s SBE battery energy storage system is the newest component in our arsenal of solutions, designed to aid commercial and industrial sectors in fulfilling both immediate and upcoming energy objectives.

SBE1000 Attributes

Power Rating: 250 kW / 500 kW / 1,000 kW and scalable for Multi-unit applications

Energy Rating: 1,000 kWh

Enclosed Footprint: 20′ Custom


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