McMaster Children’s Hospital

Hamilton, ON

600kW Diesel generator

Timmins and District Hospital

Timmins, ON

2 x 287 kW CHP units & 2 x 500 kW natural gas generators

Multi-use/Commercial High-rise


Generac model SD2000, 2000kW

Niagara Falls Table Rock Welcome Centre

Niagara Falls, ON

500kW Gaseous Generator, Generac SG500


Victoria, BC

1 x SD500 Diesel

Multi-use Recreation Centre Complex


800kW Containerized CHP unit

Commercial Tower

Markham, ON

2 x MG400 NG in parallel, 1 x SD800 diesel

Commercial Tower

Toronto, ON

3 x 800kW Diesel and 1 x 2MW Bi-Fuel, 2 x 1MW Diesel

Commercial Tower

Calgary, AB

Generac 1 x 1500kW Diesel

Air Traffic Control Centre

Toronto, ON

4 x 800kW Diesel

Water Tunnel Project

North Vancouver, BC

3 x 500 kW Diesel Units

Regional Courthouse #2

Oshawa, ON

4 x 600kW Diesel

Police Headquarters

Niagara Peninsula, ON

2 x 400kW Diesel & 2 x 400kW NG

Pension Plan Data Centre

Toronto, ON

3 x 600kW Diesel

Pan Am Games

Milton, Hamilton, Toronto, ON

Various Sizes

Federal Penitentiary

Kingston, ON

1 x 1600kW Diesel

University Campus

Toronto, ON

2 x 750kW Diesel

Research Hospital

Toronto, ON

4 x 750 kW Bi-fuel

Caribbean Hospital

Bermuda, WI

2 x 1600kW Diesel

CHP Plant

Toronto, ON

1 x 1.2mW NG

BC Gas Plant

Farrel Creek, BC

3 x 600kW NG units

Sports Stadium

Toronto, ON

1 x 1000kW Diesel

Regional Courthouse #1

Waterloo, ON

3x800kW Diesel generators

Toronto Zoo

Toronto, ON

2 x 750 kW Bi-fuel Units in Parallel

Humane Society

Toronto, ON

1 x 350kW Diesel

Telecom Carrier

Northern Ontario

Multiple 40kW & 50kW Diesel Units

Research Facility

Cambridge, ON

5 x 600 kW Diesel Units

Monterey Gas Field

Horn River, BC

4 x 600kW Natural Gas Units

Grocery Distribution Center

Cambridge, ON

10 x 600 kW Diesel Units in Parallel

Commercial Tower

Calgary, AB

4 x 300kW Bi-fuel

Lift Station

Lively, ON

1 x 150kW Diesel

Data Center

Halifax, NS

4 x 600kW Diesel

Commercial Tower

Calgary, AB

10 x 600 kW Bi-fuel

Liquor Distribution Centre

Vancouver & Kamloops, BC

3 x MB600

BC Border Crossing

Boundary Bay, BC

1 x 60kW Diesel

Long Term Care Facility

Sault- Ste. Marie, ON

350 kW Diesel Unit

Alberta Blue Cross

Edmonton, AB

3x300kW Bi-Fuel Units

Airline Operations Center

Toronto, ON

3 x 800kW Diesels