August 21, 2012

You manage a property, or several, so there are numerous people and businesses that rely on you and your smart business decisions. They will call you at all hours of the day and since you’re  determined to become the best property manager possible, you answer their calls, you make the necessary reparations to keep things moving along smoothly for everyone involved.

And while your tenants and all those businesses are focused on the moment at hand, trying to find a way to make ends meet, boost revenue, and keep things moving along in the right direction, what they aren’t thinking about is the next potential emergency situation that could have them shutting their doors for an extended period of time.


The most common emergencies that can dramatically affect businesses across the globe are natural disasters. While there isn’t much that any property manager will be able to do should a tsunami strike like the one that hit Japan last year, what about hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, or simply strong thunderstorms?

Any of these can knock out power to towns for extended periods of time. Some outages can last days, or even weeks. For small businesses, that could spell another type of disaster. That’s why when companies rent space from you, under the careful watch of your managerial nature, they rely on some of the most important factors that led them to choose your property over others.


While there are a number of businesses that can manage without electricity for an extended period of time, there are also plenty that simply cannot survive, especially in today’s age of the Internet and modern technology.

When you market the property you manage to businesses and highlight the fact that there will be power even when the main source goes out, that’s not just a simple sales pitch: your tenants are counting on it to work properly when it’s needed.

That means you want to choose a generator and a service company that will be there for you when you need it most. If you have an existing backup generator, how often has it been serviced? Will it run properly when it needs to? Will it kick on automatically without a problem when the main power source fails? Are you willing to bet your career on that?

Backup generators were are designed to be effective during emergencies or whenever the main power grid experiences a failure. When the property that you manage needs to have a working backup generator, don’t cut corners by trying to save money on servicing your generators. Not all providers are equal and often you do get what you pay for.