April 7, 2011

Also referred to as the Life Safety Code, the fifth edition of CSA C282 has been published recently, in December 2009, replacing previous editions published in 2005, 2000, 1989 and 1977.

The more notable changes from this edition are listed below:

Revisions to the scope of the standard to include emergency generators and associated equipment intended for use with health care facilities (HCF’s) in accordance with CSA Standard Z32, Electrical Safety and Essential Electrical Systems in Health Care Facilities (The same cycle revisions were also done to Z32 concurrently to ensure harmonization).

  • Revisions to the scope to include electrical power systems designed to operate for purposes beyond emergency situations.
  • Clarification of the emergency power requirements for multiple buildings.
  • Clarification of the operational and fuel supply requirements for HCF’s to meet Z32 requirements.
  • Addition of testing & service requirements for compliance with Z32 in HCF’s.
  • Clarification of the installation requirements for transfer switches.
  • Enhanced requirements for outdoor enclosures.
  • Clarification of the installation & operational requirements for bypass transfer switches in buildings of certain occupancy types.
  • Addition of requirements for utility-fed gas regulator stations to add guidance to those designing gas piping systems for emergency generators.
  • Enhancement of the requirements for diesel fuel handling and storage.
  • Addition of guidelines for service requirements for electrical power systems that operate for purposes beyond emergency situations.

With the Fire Code adopting this national standard, it will affect the design, installation, operation and maintenance and testing of the emergency power system for the your buildings.

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