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  • BC Liquor

    The BC Liquor Distribution Branch operates 195 retail stores located throughout the province under the brand BC Liquor Stores and is the largest retailers of liquor in British Columbia. The branch has 2 x 600kW Bi-Fuel Generac units that run in parallel. The generator system backs up the building’s life safety requirements along with order processing and I.T.

  • Waterloo Regional Courthouse

    This brand new, state of the art building opened its doors in downtown Kitchener in March 2013. In the basement of the building you will find all three units which back up the building’s life safety requirements and other services including critical data.

  • Jacob Lift Station

    This water treatment plant received a recent upgrade to increase the capacity of the wastewater system. The addition of a generator along with two transfer switches provides back-up for the entire water treatment process at the station.

  • Airline Operations Center

    Located in Toronto, these units back up the nation-wide computer system for flight information and other key deliverables for a major airline. The units operate in parallel and tie into a large switchboard panel.

  • Toronto Humane Society

    The Humane Society is a non-profit animal shelter with locations across Canada. This Toronto branch, located in the heart of downtown benefitted from a turnkey solution when upgrading to a larger standby generator for support. The Humane Society now has back up for their emergency room equipment, their security system and life safety utilities.

  • BC Border Crossing

    Located at the border of Boundary Bay, B.C. and Point Roberts, Washington, this unit is critical in backing up the data utilities for the Canada Border Services Agency branch of the Federal Government. Customized to meet Federal standards, the unit is visible when entering and leaving Canada.

  • Alberta’s Blue Cross

    Alberta’s Blue Cross provides supplementary health and dental benefits to meet the needs of over 1.6 million Albertans. Their office in Edmonton is located in the heart of the city; standing over 8 stores high, the Alberta Blue Cross building has 3 roof mounted, natural gas generators. These units are used to back up the building’s data center. Utilizing three paralleled natural gas generators provided a large cost savings in both equipment and infrastructure.  The generators also have an additional redundancy built into their system for an added level of reliability.

  • Rogers Wireless

    A variety of outdoor and indoor units supporting telecommunications shelters throughout the province of Ontario. These remote sites are equipped with upsized alternators to assist with UPS harmonics. A specialist in the telecom industry, Generac Power Systems has deployed over 30,000 units to various telecom towers throughout North America.

  • Toronto Zoo

    The generators tie into a high-voltage transfer switch and are used to back up the power for the indoor animal and plant pavilions requiring climate control for survival.

  • Algoma Manor

    Algoma Manor is a nursing home that provides quality long-term health care to 96 residents in Thessalon, Ontario. Over 100 employees are currently employed at this location. Unit is housed in a custom sand attenuated enclosure to meet local noise regulations.